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Number of Units:
% of extra cooling capacity needed:
Electrical Cost ($/kW*hr):
gForce Ultra Energy Savings (%):
gForce Ultra Energy Savings ($):
Life Time Savings (15 years):
Payback (year):
Benefits of gForce Ultra Units:
• Green technology
• Reduced Inrush current during compressor start and stop
• Constant monitoring and control of super heat in real time
• Each unit to handle larger capacity range
• Increased precision with exact load matching
• Precise operation and control of fluctuating loads
• Quieter operation at modulated speeds

Calculation assumptions: The payback is based on average pricing of Data Aire's standard gForce units. gForce Ultra series units with variable speed compressors and other components exclusive to the line were compared to standard gForce series units. All efficiencies were calculated based off of testing and correlations made with vendor software. Energy savings is from power consumption alone. All units are assumed to operate 24/7. Variable speed compressor in-rush savings were not included in calculation.

Disclaimer: All calculations are based on estimates and the assumptions shown above to provide a general idea of potential energy savings by incorporating plug fans in Data Aire's gForce units. Data Aire, Inc. assumes no responsibility and disclaims all liability for damages resulting from use of this information or for any errors or omissions.